A mysterious island with
some strange goings on...

The Inhabitants of Lyke Island... And Where They Went...


Have you ever wondered what the Lyke Islanders look like? Have you ever mused where they all went? Join us as we continue to piece together the Lyke Island story....

GEN2 will explore the inhabitants of Lyke Island (people, animals, mythical creatures, supernatural)… and where they went after a mysterious event occurred on the island.

There are 2022 inhabitants. Some completely hand crafted, and some made up from a wide range of hand-drawn traits.

As well as belonging to a number of 'clans', the collection includes a number of 1/1’s and rare individuals (people, animals, mythical creatures, super-natural, extraterrestrial), some of whom belong to a family or group.

Some individual inhabitants will unlock a special animated land plot in the distinctive Lyke Island style, telling the story of where that inhabitant went after a mysterious event that occurred on the island.

Some plots will be unlocked by collecting all of the inhabitants from a group or family.

Following reveal, each week we will be holding a 'PLOTTERY' - A lottery between holders for a chance to WIN a new unrevealed land plot and have it airdropped to your wallet! These will run until the GEN2 plots collection reaches 120 items.

The plottery will sometimes include ALL inhabitants regardless of clan, and sometimes they will be specific to a particular clan or holder role. For example, one week there may be two plots given away, one for a holder of an inhabitant belonging to the 'Mountain People' clan, and another for holders of 5 inhabitants or more.

Families and where they went...

Here's a guide for which inhabitants belong to which families and the special animated land plots that can be unlocked by collecting all members of a family.

The Hegarty's

John Hegarty
Bernadette Hegarty
Arthur Hegarty
Masie Hegarty
'Hegarty's Starbase' (Large)

The Brioche Family

Alexander Brioche
Ellaine Brioche
Dylon Brioche
Benjamin Brioche
Mutant Cupcake
'Lunar Mining Facility' (Large)


Major Tom
Captain Gordon
Commander Scott
Lieutenant Jarod
Captain Winter
Research Facility: 'Eudoxus' (Mega)

Beach Bums

Jason Gooch
Raphael Tigerbob
Jimmy Sancho
Craig Laugh
Dharma Salten
'Hab 1' (Large)


Captain Nancy
Clemmence Semmence
The Cook
'Precipitation Station' (Mega)

Bunker People

Augustus Musk
Doug Downer
Howard Stambler
Melissa Lick
Lilly Staine
'The Dungeon' (Large)

Pippin Family

Christopher Pippin
Ella Pippin
Neville Pippin
Claude Pippin
Mable Pippin
'Pippn's Cellar' (Mega)


Harold Stout
Barbara Tipple
Tipsy Pete
'Castle' (Large)

Cleanup Crew (Hazmats)

Hazmat 1
Hazmat 2
Hazmat 3
Hazmat 4
Hazmat 5
'Ice Age'

Lab Technicians

Professor Staye
Dr. Lost
Dr. Tom
Dr. Joe
Dr Shhh
Dr. Illuuminate
'The Lab' This plot also comes with 1 x Possessed NFT! (#1076)

Lyke Founders

Ash Best
Big Mike
'Lyke HQ'

Royal Family

King of Lyke Island
Queen of Lyke Island
Prince of Lyke Island
Princess of Lyke Island
'Shadow Tower, EKYL 4B'

Mountain People

Tourist Rep
Lyke Bot Revolt (Mega)

Gray Family

Harry Gray
Gemma Gray
Unit 12 (Large)

Joker Family

Jerry Joker
Sally Joker
Jimmy Joker
'Stay calm, eat spam' (Large)

Tan Family

Daniel Tan
Kym Tan
Hab 2 (Medium)

Reece Family

Tudor Reece
Verity Reece
Birdcage (Medium)


The Incubator (Small)

Swamp People

Malcolm Quagmire
Mervyn Quagmire
The Tank (Small)

Rock Trolls

Angus Pumice
Lingus Pumice
The Spell (Small)


Millie West
Archie West
Haunted Room (Small)

Aeroplane Pilots

Chunder River (Large)


Apocalypse (Medium)

Lyke Island


Lyke Island GEN1 is an NFT art project on the Ethereum Blockchain, which minted on 22nd February 2022 at 8pm GMT.

The collection consists of 120 unique, hand-illustrated, animated plots which make up Lyke Island, a mysterious fictional island with some strange goings on…

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Join one of the friendliest communties in the NFT space and find out how this project will evolve!

Created by Ashley Best & Big Mike