Minted May 15th 2023

Get ready to embark on a new adventure to the mystical Lyke Island. The island has taken on an extra dimension that will leave you mesmerized!

We're proud to introduce the Lyke Island GEN3D collection, featuring all 120 original plots brought to life in 3D, with meticulous attention to detail.

Our visionary 3D artist, Danny Ranno, has led the Lyke Island team through a whimsical and cinematic journey, exploring every nook and cranny of the island. From its hidden caves to its towering peaks, get ready to immerse yourself in our little world like it has never been seen before!

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A mysterious island with
some strange goings on...



Lyke Island GEN1 minted on 22nd February 2022, on the Ethereum blockchain.

The collection consists of 120 unique, hand-illustrated and animated plots, which when joined together make up Lyke Island, a mysterious fictional island with some strange goings on…

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Created by Ashley Best & Big Mike

Lyke Island GEN2

The Inhabitants of Lyke Island...

Have you ever wondered what the Lyke Islanders look like? Have you ever mused where they all went?

GEN2 explores the inhabitants of Lyke Island (people, animals, mythical creatures, supernatural)… and where they went after a mysterious event occurred on the island.

There are 2022 inhabitants. Some completely hand crafted, and some made up from a wide range of hand-drawn traits.

As well as belonging to one of 12 'clans', the collection includes a number of 1/1’s and rare individuals (people, animals, mythical creatures, super-natural, extraterrestrial), some of whom belong to a family or group and come together to unlock an unrevealed land plot.

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And where they went...

The GEN2 plots unveil a plethora of new locations that shed light on the whereabouts of the island's inhabitants after a mystifying incident took place.

Some of the plots were redeemed with a gamified mechanism, whereby the inhabitants from a specific group or family where brought together.

Some of the plots were airdropped to inhabitant holders through our weekly PLOTTERY' - A lottery between holders for a chance to WIN a new unrevealed land plot and have it airdropped to your wallet! These will run until the GEN2 plots collection reaches 120 items.

Some of the plot themes include: Apocalypse, Cloud City, Past.Present.Future, Space, Underground, Another Planet, Leisure, Science Facility.

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